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Parenting tips from a health science student

Nondiah, a health science student in Kenya, gives parents tips to enforce children's good behavior, leading to better relationships.

Parenting is something most people enjoy. It is beautiful seeing your child grow into a responsible young adult. But, it does come with utmost responsibilities that go beyond providing basic needs and education. Discipline is crucial in parenting.

As a child grows, there are some behaviors that they may adopt from their peers in school, neighborhoods, or at home that may not be pleasing. Every parent desires to see their child behave well at home and away from home. Below are some effective methods of reinforcing good behavior in children.

Set Boundaries

Tell your child what they can do, and what they cannot do. Be consistent at this, so they grow up knowing what is expected of them, and what is not. Limits are helpful because your child will always ask you for permission whenever they feel like they are about to go past the boundaries you have set.

For example, if your child loves candies and you know that candies are not very healthy when consumed regularly, you can tell your child that they will only be eating candies on weekend outings, and not every day. Openly communicate any consequences your child will face if they have undesirable behaviors. For example, if your child has a habit of bullying their friends, tell them the next time they do that you will not let them go out to play.

Observe and Reward Good Behavior

Have you been struggling with your child because he or she is not using basic etiquette terms, like excuse me, please, or sorry? It could be that you have been telling them to use these terms, however, you don't reward them when they do. The next time you catch them using any of those words, praise them. It works like magic since they will know that you are happy and proud of their behavior.

Rewarding good behavior is helpful because it shows you care about their good behavior. Most importantly, it gives children a sense of approval, and your child will always want to behave well. With time, this becomes a habit, and they ultimately grow up disciplined.

Give Them Attention, and Forgive Them

Children are just children. You cannot expect a child to behave perfectly, especially with the effects of staying indoors due to COVID-19. Give your child attention because it is the right thing to do. Attention also entails listening to them and reasoning with them. Allow your child to find solace in you because you are their first friend. Hear them out and act appropriately. Know when to forgive them just because they are children, and know when to let them face consequences.

Final Thoughts

Parenting is a lovely thing, and it is even lovelier when a parent has likable discipline methods at hand. Try the methods above and watch your child grow into a disciplined and responsible young adult.


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