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The Four Seasons

Archana, a middle schooler and young poet, writes a pleasant poem about Mother Nature's four seasons.


Snowflakes falling from the sky

Children making snowmen

People making snow angels

The cold zephyr filling the air

Snowball forts with children full of excitement.

Cozy hot cocoa with gooey marshmallows

Christmas tree lights shining and showing the holiday cheer

It’s a beautiful winter morning.



Goodbye frigid winter, and hello warm spring

Flowers start opening their gorgeous petals

Trees beginning to grow their green leaves

Young animals entering the world as petite babies

Farmers planting seeds to thrive their agriculture

Children waiting for the Easter Bunny to give them delectable treats

Rain pouring down from the clouds and becoming an enlightening rainbow.



The Sun radiating light onto my face

People playing on the sandy beach with its salty waves

Sweet lemonade replenishing everyone from the hot weather

Flowers dancing in the summer breeze

On the Fourth of July, fireworks booming in the sky like sparkly glitter

Watching the sunset, and seeing the Sun lavishly set on a fun summer day.



Summer collapsed into fall

Known as Autumn, but usually said as Fall

Leaves spiraling down, taking their time and wandering until their soar

Fall whispering to the wind to bring a crispy breeze to refresh the summer aura

Life and nature harmonizing in a beautiful melody.


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