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Akshaya Annampedu, Founder

Akshaya created, runs, and edits The Student Op. 
She is passionate about writing, as well as allowing others to showcase their voices. She is a published writer, pianist, avid reader, and community leader. She created The Student Op to help others find their passions creatively as well as have the opportunity to publish work online. She hopes to use the power of writing and media to bring students from around the world together.

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Irene Hau

Irene is a student at the University of Texas at Dallas and is passionate about culture, mental health, and medicine.


Hifza Farooqi

Hifza is a freshman at U.C. Irvine majoring in chemistry and is interested in medical research and medicinal chemistry. In her free time, she loves to journal, explore, read, write, and do crafts.


Nadine Selem

Nadine is an ambitious student in Egypt, doing her bachelor's program in pharmacy. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and volunteering in charities and small businesses.


Tehreem Nazish

Tehreem is a college student in Pakistan, and is looking forward to expanding her writing repertoire. 


Grace Piera

Kat's heritage is Greek Cypriot. She is studying electrical engineering at Virginia Tech. In her free time, she loves to rock climb, paint, and volunteer for BOLT, a motorcycle design team.

Kinjal - Kinjal Ramnani_edited.jpg

Kinjal Ramnani

Kinjal loves to explore new opinions. She is intrigued about finances, innovation, and communication. She is a high schooler and encourages youth to have a keen and quirky mindset.

The Team

This diverse group of writers hailing from all around the world identify with distinct cultures, and intertwine that perspective in their writing. Check out the talented people below! 

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Dounia Bennekrouf

Dounia is a student from Algeria pursuing a medical degree. She loves everything related to health, science, technology, and writing.

Sarah Brahma

Raihan DS

Sarah is a high school student from India. She is patient and bold when voicing her opinions. She enjoys poetry and music.

Raihan is a neuroscience postgraduate from Malaysia. She is interested children & adolescents' wellbeing, women & children empowerment, and psychology.

Screenshot_20210630-214346_Chrome - Piper Diers_edited.jpg

Piper Diers

Piper is a senior at Kenyon College majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and Sociology. She loves to analyze film and television, play the piano, read, sew, and write.

Link - Nondiah K.jpg

Nondiah Khalayi

Nondiah is a Kenyan student at Kenyatta University pursuing a BSc in Statistics and Programming. She is also pursuing Bsc. Health Science at the University of the People. She enjoys a calm life, being an INFJ-T personality, coding, data analysis, reading, writing research-based articles, and shopping.

IMG_5547copy - Lauren Hanzel.jpg

Lauren Hanzel

Lauren is an undergraduate English major in her final semester at the University of North Texas. She loves running, writing, and reading theology, usually C.S. Lewis.


Giuliana Ferrari

Giuliana is of Chinese origin, and was adopted by an Italian family and has since grown up in New York. Currently, she is studying psychology at St. John’s University with a minor in Italian. She has too many hobbies, from cooking to embroidery to singing.

20210702_171749_868 - Ayesha Ashfaq.jpg

Ayesha Ashfaq

Ayesha is a Pakistani student, currently majoring in English Language Studies in Budapest, Hungary. Her interests are all over the place; she likes to listen to music, create art, dance, consume multi-cultural media/entertainment and read, but her love for tea triumphs them all.

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-24 at 17.43.05 (1) (1) - Mugdha Joshi.jpeg

Mugdha Joshi

Mugdha is a student in India and considers herself a feminist. She's emotional, and wouldn't run a marathon since a book and coffee are more her style. She's studying political science, literature, economics, and history, but is confused about her future. 

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