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Does achieving success always include being happy?

Dounia defines her relationship between happiness and success, ultimately deciding that they are both intertwined.

Everything that a person does should make him or her full with a refreshing feeling, also known as happiness. Happiness makes one's soul pure and adds vitality to life. Among the factors that cause happiness is success.

What is the relationship between success and happiness, and does achieving success always make a person happy? Let's find the answer.

In this context, the human development expert Dr. Ibrahim Al-Faqi said, “There is no unhappy person, but the cause of sadness or unhappiness is thoughts, thoughts that cause feelings of sorrow, thoughts that carry negative energy and pessimism.”

The definition of happiness differs from one person to another, which is due to many reasons. Happiness has two types. The first type is temporary happiness, or the feeling of happiness for a short time as a result of a pleasant event, a joyful thing, or a simple situation. The second type is long-term happiness, which lasts for an extended period, and this kind of happiness is what all people are looking to gain in their lives.

Among the reasons for happiness, we can mention the family and its presence, health and wellness, security and safety, money, goals, and ambitions for success.

Success is the main goal that all people strive for, and it is a collection of achievements that the owner is proud of and satisfied with, and there is no specific way to achieve success. Factors vary according to the environment and circumstances of each of us.

Among the types of success, we find material success (cars, jewelry), emotional success (healthy relationships), intellectual or academic success (effective learning and understanding), physical success (health and fitness), and finally, social and professional success.

Success and happiness are inextricably linked and intertwined, and success doesn't necessarily have to cause joy. It can be the other way around. Joy brings a person success and allows us to better achieve goals. If we're not happy, will we have the energy to work hard and accomplish tasks? Some people equate happiness with success and set goals for themselves to purposefully cause happiness, but happiness can very well bring success.

In conclusion, and through what was previously mentioned, we can say success is a cause of joy. Hence, if person succeeds in owning everything he desires, but doesn't feel joy, they are not successful.

*Prompt taken from New York Times list of argumentative topics.


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