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How to study from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Nondiah offers great tips to effectively study from home.

COVID-19 has forced students to adapt—especially in the education realm—in most countries worldwide. While some schools have had online options for certain courses even before the pandemic, online learning was not as much of a serious topic as it is now.

Studying online has now become a normal thing. From watching teachers' recorded videos to reading online textbooks, the pandemic has shaken students' study habits, but education has to go on.

Have you been studying online? Have you had scheduled Google Meet sessions or Zoom sessions with your teachers?

Whatever method you are using to effectively study and understand lessons, here are five general tips to help you study online and be the best student you can be.

Create a Study Schedule

Have a schedule for all your classes. A schedule is useful because you will know exactly what to do at what time, and this is especially important if your classes require you to join a meeting platform, like Zoom, to actively listen to or participate. Also, having a schedule will help you feel more confident about your learning, because you can check off meetings or assignments that you already completed, and you will subconsciously feel motivated that you finished something. A study schedule will not only help you be updated on your progress, but also keep you on the right track.

Always Prepare Like You Are Attending On-Campus Classes

Make a habit of waking up early, taking a shower, and dressing up. It doesn’t matter whether you will have video sessions or not. Just be neat and professional. Preparing like you are on-campus will help your mind clear up—you won't be thinking about your comfy bed and pajamas—and be ready for class. You will get your assignments done, and you can attend your classes seamlessly without the worry of having to do distracting things.

Have a Study Area

Set up a comfortable table and chair for your study sessions. Ensure you have good lighting too. A study area will help you stay away from distractions, while getting into a productive state-of-mind faster. Avoid studying on your bed or sofa. To be honest, you might find yourself lying down a bit in between assignments or classes, but this is the beginning of procrastination and turning in assignments late.

Make your study area clean and unique by setting up your favorite portraits and motivational quotes.

Make use of sticky notes, diaries, calendars, and productivity apps

Stay organized by keeping small Post-It notes in your study area with reminders. Keeping a diary is also helpful, since writing things down is scientifically proven to help memory. These tools will help you stay organized and manage your tasks with ease. You will be able to prioritize tasks and assignments by simply using pen and paper!

Productivity apps and calendars are also helpful in keeping you organized. There are many available options, such as Notion, Evernote, Slack, Outlook, Todoist, among others. Choose what works for you and your study-from-home sessions will be organized perfectly!

Reward Yourself

Do not be too hard on yourself. Reward significant progress you make towards your studies. Answered a question correctly in class? Watch your favorite TV show in the evening. Submitted your assignment way before the deadline? Hang out with your friends as a reward.

Final Thoughts

Find out what works for you and incorporate some of the mentioned tips. All the best studying from home!


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