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As much as they love you

Giuliana shares a beautiful poem about the stars in our sky and love.

What if the stars loved each other?

What if their souls are not so far from yours

Crafted so gently, with so much tenderness and love

So delicately, deliberately placed

What if all the way up in space

they too wonder if, still, there’s something

Someone else higher above

Do they wonder where they came from?

That big bang, the first birth

Do you think they’d believe us? If we claimed that we knew?

That stars are just gas- particles

Protons, neutrons and electrons

And nothing more than that

Do you think they wonder what they’re made of?

What happens when they die?

Do you think that maybe

All their atoms and heat and gas

Their brightness, their beauty

The burning soul in their core

What becomes of the stars, becomes you and I

Do you think that maybe they already know?

What if the stars love each other

And just as much

They love you


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