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Can apps help you? Yes.

Sherrie, a new high school writer from North Carolina, gives us tips and tricks on using apps to make money.

All I thought about as a kid was living in a peaceful home with a family. Growing up as a teenager, that changed. TERRIFIC! Right? Well, I did some research on certain apps and freelance work because I wanted to find a creative way to make money.

If you're like me and want a job , but need it fast, my advice is to not go with the first gig you come upon; at least, not until you have ALL the facts. I learned that from trying to get a job that I thought was nice, just to still end up without work. What a day.

Currently, I'm still looking for work while trying out a bunch of money-making apps. Not all of them work, and it is super hard to find one that is true. To be honest, finding a truthful app no matter what the advertisement says is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

A good app is one that does pay to your PayPal at any amount, and also has some gift cards like Amazon, Apple Music, Xbox, etc. The gift cards start at five dollars, and if you have PayPal you can cash out at any amount. Such an app is called Qmee and I highly recommend you try it.

Another one I recommend is Survey Junkie. It is almost the same but you have to have a minimum of five dollars to cash out to PayPal. The surveys are fun and they give you three cents if the survey kicks you out.

I like both these apps pretty well and have cashed out quite a bit.

Technology can be bad for our world, but for the goal of acquiring money, I suggest you check out these apps. Also, use my tips to find your own app to make at least a little cash.

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