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Health: a recap

Dounia, from Algeria, recapitulates our human health and preventative steps we can take for our well-being.

In the last century, the spread of infectious illnesses was the main factor in the high death

rate. At the same time, the causes of death have changed dramatically.

Infectious deaths gradually disappeared, while cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic

respiratory disease, and cancers played an increasing role in this issue.

So what is your health, exactly?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the

absence of disease or infirmity. Health is defined as the human condition without any

disease, including cognitive, social, and physical health. A healthy person feels healthy in his

body. Socially speaking, he is a person with a realistic view of the world and deals well with

other members of society. Health requires the integration of all the psychological, mental, spiritual,

and physical aspects of one's life.

Since health is an important and valuable matter in life, how can we preserve it in simple

ways and protect ourselves from various diseases?

We can take care of our health by changing harmful daily habits and replacing them with

good practices that have a strong impact on our body, including the following:

1) Follow healthy diets, the most important of which are reducing the amounts of sugar

consumed during the day, relying on home-prepared food, and avoiding prepared foods that

contain large amounts of fats and salts, like frozen food and fast food.

2) Do various physical activities daily, even if they are simple, such as walking at work,

climbing stairs, and cleaning the house.

3) Get good sleep, since it helps reduce tension and stress, increase productivity, and improve mental

activity after a well-rested night.

4) Do enjoyable personal activities and hobbies that provide comfort to the soul. It is also

necessary to break the daily routine and go out of the house with the aim of hiking and/or trying

new things that are fun.

Preserve your health. Prevention is better than a cure, and I will conclude with a proverb on this topic:

Health is true wealth and not a piece of gold and silver.

~ Mahatma Gandhi


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