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Dinner party

Giuliana shares a poem inspired by the energy of a dinner party she attended.

No clink of a glass or clap of a hand

Just a man at the end of the table

His wife at his side, smiling

Oh, how that smile reached her eyes

In his sweet southern accent

Sweet like syrup (But not quite as thick)

‘If I could have your attention

For just a moment

If I haven’t introduced myself already…’

And so he thanked us; for coming

For the chance to try his hand at hosting

Called us all a pleasure

Announced a birthday

And for good measure,

‘If anyone here hasn’t been greeted,

I hope you’ll allow me

to welcome you properly.

This night has been an opportunity

for us to meet our community.

We truly want everyone here

to feel known, to feel cared about.

You are always welcome here.’

For just a moment

I felt as if it could be true

I hope I’ll see that happy couple again soon


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