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Does grammar still matter in the age of social media?

Nazish explains why grammar is still important when interacting with others online.

The online world has changed writing as we know it. As memes, tweets, emojis, and abbreviations like LOL become increasingly prevalent, it seems as though proper language is nowhere near reaching the screen. In this digital world, does grammar still matter?

The answer to that is yes. Although one doesn't need many words to make an effective online search or post, there's still a space for individuals who respect grammar.

Here are factors as to why individuals should comply with correct grammar usage online:

1. Appearance and reliability

We all want to be a community-friendly individual when present online. We need to have a foundation of authenticity and reliability to succeed in this effort. Sadly, a respectable writer should not have bad grammar, or mistakes in grammar.

These kinds of mistakes will demonstrate inexperience and negligence, ultimately indicating that the writer is not really concerned with the quality of whatever is being posted online. One's online presence and personality shouldn't be reflected in errors. If you desire your readers' love and admiration, offer them good quality, refined material, free from grammar errors. It doesn’t matter if your material is being viewed by your mother or by a business CEO—it must always be polished and professionally written.

2. Love towards your audience

Excellent grammar is a show of respect at the end of the day. It enables you to communicate your point simply and effectively. You don't appreciate your readers' time or intellect without it. In addition, your grammar mistakes will just delay the process of your audience understanding your message.

"One's online presence and personality shouldn't be reflected in errors."

3. Increased engagement

Great content is going to encourage people to share it. A reader will be puzzled to share content with bad grammar because it will be an adverse reflection on their character. If content is carefully structured and free of errors, people are more likely to promote it online through social media.

4. Long-term reputation

Posts, memes, and articles on the Internet don't go away easily. Your content may appear on the Internet forever, unless you somehow bring it down. Even job employers, professors, and more important people can see something you wrote with bad grammar. Do you want to be someone that's remembered for having good substance in an online post, or someone that repetitively makes simple grammar mistakes?

The takeaway

Although it may seem like that the English language is gradually changing online to be ignorant of grammar, many individuals still value the work and time it takes to pay attention to grammar in a good post. Grammar might not be as trendy as Facebook, but it still has an important and respectable role.

*Prompt taken from New York Times list of argumentative topics.


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