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Heart, soul, and spirit

Sherrie motivates us to ignore the haters and pour our hearts, souls, and spirits into our dreams.

I hate when someone's precious dream gets ruined because of the immense about of doubt caused by bullies. People are so mean to each other nowadays, and there is so much drama going on in the world, partly due to the increased presence of teens on social media. Sometimes, I wish I could give inspiration to all of those people who get discouraged by haters. What's up with all the hate?

Personally, I have seen people get questioned because of their interest in a certain hobby, activity, or belief. In reality, so what if someone has a different interest than you?

"If you have a dream, put your heart, soul, and spirit into it."

I was bullied earlier in life, and I know how it feels to be constantly pushed down. My advice is to never falter in the face of a bully. Pay them no attention, because they don't even deserve the attention. Just be yourself no matter what.

If you have a dream, put your heart, soul, and spirit into it. Do not make the mistake of worrying about how hard it will be, or what haters will say. Focus on being the unique individual you know you are.

But, in our world, it is important to realize following your dream doesn't mean saying provocative things on social media. You don't wanna say the wrong thing, because it could blow up. Yikes. You know you are special no matter what anyone says online, so be reasonable, yet strong and confident in your ability to do great things.

Keep your heart, soul, and spirit in your dreams. Wishing you the best. Go rock the world.


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