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Life lessons

Dounia recollects some life lessons that she has learned and grown from.

I will talk to you about life and tell you what it taught me.

The most significant pain in life is when it seems that the only person who cares about you is you.

But, smile at life so that it smiles at you.

Freedom is a sun that should shine in every soul.

The most beautiful moments of life are when those around you understand you and heal your wounds.

A woman’s freedom does not at all mean her freedom from traditional clothing or adornment. The freedom of women implies freedom of choice, freedom of thought, and freedom of life.

The harshest life is when the one you love separates from you and your most precious dreams come to an end, and you are condemned to death while you are alive.

Life taught me to live for myself, to stay away from everything that hurts me, to care about my happiness.

Life is a theater that mixes drama and happiness.

Life taught me to listen to every opinion and respect it.

Luck comes to those who deserve it and work to attract it.

Every day is a new chance that life gives us to be a better person.

If and when you lose, try to learn the lesson life has for you.


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