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Open the closet door

Clarissa Ramos, a high school student still finding her place in the world, gives us a glimpse into her world through her meaningful poetry.

Trying to be proud

But it is hard to be proud when you’re still hiding

I don’t want to hide anymore

I want to be proud


I want to stop hiding

Why can’t I just come out?

Or better yet,

Why can’t I be out already?

I know I am safe and yet I’m still anxious

“I know I am safe and yet I'm still anxious”

Anxiety has a hold on me and I want it to stop

I feel like I’m lying, to myself and others

All I want is to stop hiding

I want to be out and proud

I’m here and I’m queer but no one knows it

All I want is to open the closet door

Don’t want to hide anymore


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