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Reclaiming the color yellow

Enjoy Giuliana's poem about a metaphorical relationship with the color yellow.

There was a girl I used to know,

and yellow was her favorite color.

I never liked the color yellow

An overbearing and blistering sun

Flowers and a vase that look pretty, but that’s it

You can’t get rid of them, they never grow

They just leave you with a runny nose and teary eyes

Highlighter that bleeds through paper

Leaving stains, distorting the words you wrote

An egg yolk that breaks, but it’s your fault

Because you weren’t careful enough

Yellow is bright and happy

Attention grabbing



Harsh and hurtful and possessive and manipulative and a liar and—


It was never about the color yellow

Was it?

It was just about that cheap yellow eyeshadow smeared across her face


The sun’s heat doesn’t feel as heavy anymore

Flowers don’t always make you cry

And broken yolks still make scrambled eggs

I never hated the color yellow, but

I learned to love it.


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