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Sherrie, a natural redhead, talks about the common stereotypes facing people with her hair color and questions why such notions exist.

Have you ever heard the saying "redheads have no soul?" I have. I'm not sure why this seems to be the topic when redheads are mentioned, but we do have a soul.

According to this article, redheads face all sorts of misconceptions. Also, an article on Bustle says redheads constantly hear the claim "Gingers have no souls!"

"I'm not sure why this seems to be the topic when redheads are mentioned, but we do have a soul."

People say all kind of things about redheads, but what is the big deal with having red hair? Does the hate stem from jealousy, or an inevitable bad day? I'm really curious on where having no soul comes from.

I definitely think this myth is way overrated. After all, I'm a redhead, and I do have a soul. Not all redheads have a bad temper. Honestly, I think anyone can have a rage or be frustrated.

Only a few people in my family have red hair that I'm aware of, and the funny thing is, the other side of my family has blond hair and they have really bad tempers. They just explode if you talk to them.

Also, people love red hair, but have theories on where it came from when they see it. A lot of people ask whether my hair is real and I just say "yes, I've actually never dyed my hair." The look on their face is so amusing because they just expect me to say that it is dyed red.

I don't pay much attention to my hair color because I didn't choose it. I was just born with it, and that's nobody's fault. So why does everyone want to say that redheads have no soul or they get aggravated so easily?

I'm a natural born redhead and like anyone else, whether your hair is blond, black, or brown, we all have souls.

My friends and even strangers I talk to tell me I'm laid back and calm, instead of angry and bitter. No matter what your hair color is, believe that you are just you. No matter what anyone says, you should just stay true to you, regardless of biased comments, stereotypes, and opinions. In the end, being true to yourself is what counts.


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