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Sweet, love

Giuliana shares a beautiful poem about love in all of its sweetness and simplicity.

Sweet, love like powdered sugar

gentle, weightless, fluffy like sweet snow

dusting rosy cheeks, eyelashes, the tip of a tongue

Sweet, love like honey

golden fresh flowers, soothing warmth— memories

of early spring mornings and late summer evening tea

Sweet, love like milk and cream

rich and fatty, a heavy filling type of feeling

that sits in your stomach and sticks to your bones

Sweet, love like cinnamon,

fragrant, fiery heat— twice as strong as coffee

without the bitterness in the back of your throat

Sweet, love like saltwater taffy

countless colourful candies and wrappers, promises

of sweetness— savor like you’ll never know a toothache

love, my Sweet, like you’ll never taste heartache


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