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Text or talk: is technology making you lonely?

Nadine says that interacting solely with technology will never suffice for the real world; face-to-face conversation is the best for a wholesome, productive life.

Although our society has the means to be more connected than ever, people are also feeling increasingly alone.

The more time we spend on our phones, the less social we are. Social skills, such as communicating person-to-person, are vital for one’s life. Communication is one of the many skills needed in all kinds of working environments. Social networking is a great tool for any walk of life, but there’s a profound difference between an online social network and a real one.

Since we have built expansive social networks online, the depth of our networks offline has decreased. Because technology makes it easier to stay in touch while keeping distance, social media allows us to control what we share. It appeals to our vulnerability and vanity; We can pick and choose which photos we share and sneakily edit our words to ensure we convey the image we want others to see. Yet, it also provides the illusion of friendship that, in real life, may be shallow, superficial and unable to stand the demands genuine friendships entail.

We should make strict strategies to rebuild a real social network again.

A night at home with 500 of your Facebook friends can never compare with a close-knit evening out with five friends."

Unplug all your social accounts every now and then. A night at home with 500 of your Facebook friends can never compare with a close-knit evening out with five friends, or even one friend, enjoying good food or a nice breeze.

Find like minds by joining a class or finding an interest group. Getting to know new people can be a huge benefit in these types of events.

Engage in your community. Get involved in your local community or neighborhood by joining the local clubs or volunteering opportunities. Doing good with others can create bonds in unimaginable ways.

Lastly, just go outside and spend an afternoon playing a sport and exercising for a healthier, more wholesome life. Spend some time outdoors with your friends playing and talking.

These are some of the many solutions for a better Gen-Z individual with the skills needed in order to approach the real world.

*Prompt taken from New York Times list of topics.


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