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The importance of the arts in our daily lives

Nazish highlights the importance of home art, music, and unconventional art, as they lead to more fulfilling emotional lives.

Art is always everywhere, even if we don't believe in it. Art has existed from the beginning of mankind. It is an important part of our society because it shapes our thinking allows us to better understand our emotions.

Art in the home

Every person has art in their home, whether it's a picture, a framed portrait, or a house plan and design. Art is not just about seeing and expressing gratitude. It can serve a practical purpose in our homes. The quilt with interesting patterns on the bed as well as the beautiful tea towels can be considered a work of art. When these things are just for decoration, our brains are programmed to realize that they are not art, unfortunately.

Art in music

Music plays an undisputed role in our daily lives. We are constantly exposed to music through TV shows, commercials, and radio. Sounds, melodies and music make life more enjoyable and can positively impact our mood. It has the potential to increase productivity as well as motivation. Also, many people find that calm music helps to relax during times of stress. Music definitely qualifies as art solely because of the different emotions it has the potential to evoke.

Unconventional forms of art

The art of hospitality, which uses the art of welcoming while traveling, is one of the most common trends in the tourism industry. Corporate art motivates employees and builds morale in the workplace. Hospital paintings will help patients, their families, and health care professionals maintain balance and peace.

In short, art is everywhere for us, and whether we realize it or not, it always affects us. This is one of the many reasons why art is so important in our lives. Art in our environment, be it a work of art, furniture, music, or photography, can have a special impact on our moods and emotions.

How Art Makes Life Beautiful:

When our fast-paced rhythm of life is filled with pressing decisions and fragmented emotions, art brings us to a calm space and ties together those fragmented emotions. Understanding our feelings will help us heal, grow, and improve.

Although art is not necessary to meet our basic needs, it just makes life more enjoyable. When you see or sign a painting, you will undoubtedly enjoy it if you choose to hang it on the wall of your room. Art or sculpture creates peace in the home. These different works of art create the special, vibrant world we need to live in.

Art can help people build a better and fuller life in the present age.

*Prompt taken from New York Times list of topics.

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