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What to do this summer

Check out Irene's recommendations for fun activities to do this summer that will keep you safe against easing COVID-19 restrictions!

With the majority of the public getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and the gradual easing of social restrictions, many people are looking forward to enjoying this summer to the fullest. Although we are progressing against COVID-19 at impressive speeds, we still need to be cautious and careful until we reach the threshold for herd immunity; therefore, here are some activities that promote safety, but are still fun activities to try out!

Stargazing This summer, there are a variety of astronomy events including meteor showers, eclipses, and supermoons that can be observed from both home and from afar. For the optimal experience, bring some snacks and drive out to where there’s less light pollution.

Picnics Discover some new recipes & skills by making lunch and experiencing the warm weather. Don’t forget to bring napkins and a blanket to rest on.

Drive-In Theater Many cities offer locations where movies are shown on big projectors outdoors and even food service is offered. All you need to do is park your car in front of the screen and enjoy the movie. These drive-in theaters are a fun way to have the movie theater experience, while maintaining distance from others.

Virtual Movie Nights Utilize a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime and grab some friends to watch your favorite movies or shows with online platforms like Netflix Party or Discord. This way, it feels like you and your friends are in the same room, laughing and watching together.

City Bike Tour Bike through the city and get your exercise in while exploring the aspects of the city that you may miss if you were simply just passing by or driving fast in a car.

Dinner Roulette With a group of friends and a delivery service, like UberEats or GrubHub, each person will order a surprise dish to go to another friend's home. Together on Zoom or FaceTime, everyone can appreciate their surprise meals.


After over a year of being stuck and having to tolerate online work and learning (especially Zoom fatigue), camping is an opportunity to be reintroduced to nature and fix our circadian rhythms. Additionally, the fresh air and change in environment will help clear the mind.

Golfing While there is an initial investment in golf supplies, golfing is generally a low impact sport that maintains a safe distance and involves a skill anyone can master and excel at.

Gardening Especially in the summer, gardening is a productive hobby in which patience and effort is rewarded with many fruits and veggies that can encourage amateur cooks to experiment with new recipes. It also serves as a time to meditate and reflect.

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