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Being an introvert

Raihan, from Malaysia, offers a fresh and personal take on the term "introvert."

Being an introvert means to have the propensity to focus on the internal rather than external stimulation.

So, here’s how you spot an introvert:

1. They have a few small circles.

2. They enjoy their solitude without feeling bored.

3. They tend to be quiet and reserved around new people.

4. They need to “recharge” after social events.

5. They introspect, a lot.

Well, these are just bits of the traits. Interestingly, there are actually four different types of

introverts which are: social introvert, thinking introvert, restrained introvert, and anxious introvert.

One could have mixture of these four types, or just restricted to one. And of course, each individual

will have a different spectrum of introversion for each type.

Growing up, I had people around me thinking I was slightly arrogant or proud, just because I did not

prefer to mingle and was not friendly with children my age. I do not blame them though. The society

I grew up in valued extroversion – being talkative, outgoing, sociable, and expressive were the traits

that were deemed impressive.

Perhaps it is time for the world to acknowledge children who are on the more introvert side, and

appreciate these children’s verbal quietness and take time to get to know them and engage with

them by delving deeper into their inner thoughts and feelings.

We may be quiet but trust me, really, trust me – our minds are full of thoughts and ideas. We will

want to express our thoughts once we have introspected carefully and are ready. We will socialize

and make friends, just do not force us to join the crowd to introduce ourselves. We will talk to

others after we feel comfortable with the surroundings – let us have our time to before we step out

of our comfort zones.

Just… let us warm up first. Till then, please be patient with us.


An introvert.


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