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Writing Makes You Immortal

Cindy writes a deep, compelling story about how writing preserves our humanity.

Nothing lasts forever in this world. Time will stop. People will go. Then nothing's left. Everything that

happens will turn into memories. Then stories can only be told from ear to ear.

That's why someone had to write. That serves as the binding of memories.

The words describe how she sees, how she hears, how she feels, how he remembers. How her writing

will become the identity of her existence even though she's not here anymore.

Existing writing personifies the author. Although it cannot replace the body, it can embody the writer.

Writing can visualize events.

Writing can make you happy.

Writing can make you sad.

Writing can make you angry.

Through writing, we know that someone behind it existed.

All events will pass. All happiness will end. All sorrows will end. Again, nothing lasts forever.

She knows that humans forget easily. Then events can be replaced with other events. She didn't want to forget and be forgotten. If life is only to go on without being able to remember, one should never live.

If humans are only to be tolerated when they make mistakes then they should never be right.

But she wanted to become the human with her memory, she learned. That's why she wrote down

everything memorable. Everything she knew, everything she remembered, everything she felt so

that her writing could be read and bring to life the memories of the time when she was immortal.

Every human being will leave but her writings will stay longer. So write while you are still here.


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