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  • Writer's pictureSherrie Wyatt


Sherrie writes an evocative poem about true, yet complicated feelings.

My heart is forever gone, for the one I love is no longer alone. My body is cold inside. The wind chills my earthy blood.

Love is blind sometimes even I can't see, the darkness ahead of me.

My heart is shown through glass, can you see the good times I see close? All I need is your wrap. A blanket so tender, it can't lose it's grip.

Alone, missing your silent thought. I wait for the next day to learn whether my wounds can heal your words.

Years have gone by. Capital means nothing, mansion means nothing, all my heart cares for is you. Would you listen to me, if I could say these words?

I wish for the past, I can't ever compete with that lovely place.

Here you are looking at me, and I can breathe. I doubt you knew, but now you do. I'm very glad too.

A journey together through the forest. I know your hurt, but I can't let go.

Nights spent daydreaming over your words. I need you to know, patience has kept a bond shared between us. I'm not sure if you know, but I'm standing by you.

The sun brightens the day, but through a cloud.


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