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Solitude and socialization—both equally important

Raihan explains how she's an introvert by nature, yet she encourages herself and others to socialize for overall wellbeing.

“I’d rather stay inside than being out tonight Just sipping coffee and nothing to look forward to Savoring my solitude”

Coffee, by Yuna, a Malaysian singer-songwriter

If anyone asks which line from a song resonates with me the most, I’d say this line from one of Yuna’s most underrated, yet best masterpieces—Coffee. As an introvert, I do prefer staying in, and I very much enjoy being on my own. Before COVID-19, going out when friends ask to hang out on the weekends was quite a nightmare to me. So, being in lockdown is probably a good thing for me.

One of the reasons is, I was able to exercise one hobby that I’ve long ago abandoned due to the workload from school and life, which was reading for pleasure. I got to read out of pleasure, and not just because I have to do so for school. To be honest, I really enjoyed the lockdown period, although it did feel like I was trapped inside. But, I was able to get out of that "trapped" mindset and carry on, albeit indoors and virtually.

However, as time goes by, it gets draining being in your own company. I do get a pang of loneliness out of nowhere sometimes, and being on my own for a long time made me feel out of touch with people, especially my loved ones. And this coming from an extreme introvert means that humans do depend on socialization and human interaction for a better livelihood and overall well-being.

Here are some interesting benefits of human interactions or socialization in general:

  • Better mental and physical health

  • Lowers the risk of getting dementia (conversing with others helps stimulate brain cognition!)

  • Promotes a sense of safety and security

  • Promotes a sense of belonging and being valued by others

My take-away is as much as you may savor your solitude (like me), do spend some time to socialize and interact with your loved ones – even if it’s for a few minutes a day or every few days. It will help so much with your mood and health.


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